Matichon Group has brought criminal charges against iSentia Group and its directors for copyright infringement

Recently, Matichon Public Company Limited and its subsidiary, Khao Sod Company Limited, as Plaintiffs have filed a criminal case to The Central Intellectual Property and International Trade Court, Black case no. Aor 336/2562 and Black case Aor 337/2562 to bring charges against iSentia Bangkok Company Limited and iSentia Monitoring Services (Thailand) Company Limited including their directors for the commercial copyright infringement. These companies are the subsidiaries of iSentia group, a listed company where its head quarter is situated in Australia.

This case filing is a result of these two companies have been used, re-printed, duplicated or reproduced for news-clipping service to their clients for fees the unauthorized works, articles or news which have legal copyright protection, appearing or printing in the Matichon Newspaper, Prachachat Turakij  Newspaper and Matichon Weekly which are the main newspaper of Matichon Public Company Limied, as well as those publishing in Khao Sod Newspaper which is the main paper under Khao Sod Company Limited.

This case litigation of Matichon will create the standard for the copyright works not only those under Matichon Group. But it will be also set the norm for the rights of others in respect of copyright works. The said court has determined the preliminary examination or hearing dates of Khao Sod case lawsuit on 15th July 2019 at 13.00 hrs. and of Matichon on 22nd July 2019 at 9.00 hrs.

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