Lao Telecom Becomes First Operator to Introduce 5G Experience to Lao PDR

Lao Telecom Becomes First Operator to Introduce 5G Experience to Lao PDR

Vientiane, Lao PDR : Lao Telecommunication Public Company (LTC) became the first Lao telecoms operator to introduce the potential of 5G services.  In an event held at Lao Telecom’s headquarters in Vientiane, the company put on a showcase of several solutions that rely on 5G technology, including IoT (Internet of Things) solutions such as smart homes, live broadcasting of 4K tv signals, robotics, Virtual Reality, and speed tests to show the capacity and capabilities of 5G technology.

Attended by representatives of the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications as well as industry experts and interested parties, the event is a precursor to Lao Telecom’s introduction of wider 5G services planned over the next several years as the technology continues to develop and more solutions require the high speed, extremely low latency and the capacity for millions of devices to be connected simultaneously within a relatively small area provided by 5G networks.

“The Ministry of Post and Telecommunications is very keen on future developments in 5G networks in the Lao PDR,” Souphon Chanthavixay, Deputy Director General (Technical) Lao Telecom noted.  “Lao Telecom is very proud that we are able to work closely with the Ministry in developing these networks that will undoubtedly be an integral part of the country’s future growth.”


The Ministry of Post and Telecommunications is hosting the 19th ASEAN Telecommunications and Information Technology Ministers Meeting in Vientiane from 21 – 25 October, with an official launch of 5G services for the Lao PDR to be announced by the Ministry at this event.  The introduction of technologies such as 5G play an important part in pushing forward the Ministry’s 5-year development plans for the telecommunications sector, and for that sector to play a leading role in the nation’s social and economic development.  Lao Telecom, as the leading telecoms operator in the Lao PDR is ready to support the Ministry and the Government in achieving their goals of digitalization and moving the country forward apace with the nation’s neighbours and the global community.

5G technology can be used in many different areas, and Lao Telecom is working with partners across the region to introduce IoT solutions for smart farms, smart homes, smart cities and more, to the country.

“As these new solutions arrive, there will be an increased demand for big data and interconnected networks and services,” Piyawat Jriyasethapong, Deputy Director General (Commercial), said.  “Lao Telecom will work with local and regional partners to develop a network infrastructure that will serve the needs of these modern innovations.”


With speeds of up to 1.5Gbps with a latency of 1 millisecond, and a capacity of up to 1 million connected devices within an area of 1 square kilometer, 5G networks will be at the core of services and solutions that require near-real-time interaction such as in the fields of medicine, where surgeries performed remotely will become a possibility; machine to machine communications to perform intricate functions;  city-wide grids that will help to monitor and manage traffic; nationwide safety and security services with the ability to call out first responders with great accuracy; immersive technologies such as VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality), and much more.

Lao Telecom, with a market share of 50%, is the leading telecommunications provider in the Lao PDR. Established in 1996, LTC is a joint venture between the Government of Lao (51%) and Shenington Investment Pte. (49%). The Company was the first to introduce 4G technology to South East Asia, and second in the region to offer 4.5G services.  The Company’s annual revenues exceed US$ 120 million.

For More Information, Please Contact: Mr. Ken Streutker, Lao Telecom Investor Relations and Marketing Manager    Tel: +856 205559 0006

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